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Company:Universidad de Jaén

Location:Spain / Jaén


Employment Type:Visiting


The University of Jaén offers Visiting Professor positions for the academic year of 2019/2020 (Resolution of the University of Jaén).


With the aim of promoting internationalization, specialization and quality of teaching, as well as the research conducted by the centers, departments and university research institutes, the University of Jaén has a strategic focus on hiring visiting professors, from the teaching or research staff of public or private universities or research centers, preferably of foreign origin.

The main purpose of the visiting professor will comprise the collaboration in teaching activities or activities related to both teaching and research (6 hours of teaching per week), preferably in Postgraduate Courses.

The contract offered has a duration of one academic semester, which is renewable on a basis of six months up to a total duration of two years.

Compensation will correspond to the contractual arrangements related to employment under existing labour law and has a maximum value, which should tally with the equivalent of an associate professor in a contractual employment of 6 hours (up to 2,200 euros/month including compensatory allowances for travel, accommodation and overall living expenses).


Contract proposals

Proposals may be put forward by directors of any department or institute of the University of Jaén. The proposed candidates should hold an employee status in other universities or research centers, preferably of foreign origin. All queries regarding the application procedure will be directed to the Vice-President Office for Internationalization using the online application form included in the link above.


Along with each application, the applicant must submit the following documents:

  • CV of the candidate with your educational background, and teaching and research experience of the last 10 years.
  • Detailed report of the activities to be undertaken related to teaching or teaching and research (i.e. courses to be taught).
  • Consent of the center of origin.
  • Expected duration of the contract (1st or 2nd semester).
  • Sources of co-financing (if applicable).


All applications will be evaluated by a Hiring Commission, which will put forward a proposal to the Commission for Academic Affairs. After analyzing the proposal prepared by the Hiring Commission, the Commission for Academic Affairs will issue a mandatory and non-binding report. For issuance of this report, the corresponding scales approved by the University of Jaén for the recruitment of teaching and research staff will be taken into account:

  • Educational background.
  • Teaching experience.
  • Research background.

Not with standing the foregoing, the Vicerrector de Profesorado y Ordenación Académica particularly favors applications which support the internationalization of the university and, in particular, which provide support in delivering activities related to teaching in a foreign language, preferably in English; international double degrees; bilingual degrees or degrees instructed entirely in a foreign language. In any case, the department must make sure that the proposal related to teaching cannot be met by the teaching potential available at the time.

The Governing Council of the University of Jaén, in the light of the report issued by the Commission of Academic Affairs, will arrange, if applicable, the hiring of the visiting professor.

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