Lecturer in Management Sciences

Company:Université Catholique de Lille

Location:France / Lille

Discipline:Management Sciences

Employment Type:Permanent Full-time


Lecturer in Management Sciences

Background Information

The Faculty of Management, Economics and Sciences (FGES hereafter) opens a new position for a Lecturer in Management Sciences.

FGES is a faculty, which proposes 7 bachelor’s degree programmes, 8 master’s degree programmes and professional bachelor’s degrees in sciences, management, accountability and economics, and preparatory classes for entry into business schools. The FGES has 1,700 students each year. Comprehensive advice and support (active teaching, student life, personal development and professionalization) and internationalization are part of the University’s mission, which aims to educate professionals able to adapt, to innovate, to become active citizens and to be responsible for their actions.

Research at FGES is focused on issues pertaining to sustainable and smart cities.


Teaching Activities:

  • To teach courses in management and business (strategy, organisation, business models, marketing …): lectures, tutorials, and seminars in English and/or French.
  • To comply with the obligations arising from pedagogy such as marking exams, evaluating students’ oral communications, preparing course support materials and posting them on the teaching platform.
  • To comply with the obligations arising from comprehensive student support: tutorials, student supervision, managing projects and following-up on assignments and students’ work.


We are looking for someone who will conduct a research activity within our research centre on « Smart and Sustainable Cities » and who will:

  • Publish in national and international peer reviewed journals, following HCERES and CNRS standards
  • Develop a research activity on new collaborative models, business model, more generally co-author publications on smart city/sustainable city.

The Faculty offers many opportunities for career development for staff with an academic profile.

Expected Skills and Qualities

Applications in all fields of management and business are welcome. Applicants should however respond to the following characteristics:

  • Doctorate in Management Sciences, or PhD.
  • At least two HCERES publications in the last 4 years
  • Teaching Experience.
  • Capacity to take into account the environment and transforming it
  • Capacity to work in team.
  • Availability and commitment.
  • Capacity to communicate and teach in English
  • Conduct a research activity

Send your application package, as a single pdf file to both email addresses: carine.ledoux@univ-catholille.fr and fges.recrutement@univ-catholille.fr.

We expect a motivation letter, a CV, the thesis defence report, three published articles by April 30th 2019. In your curriculum vitae, provide the name of two persons we can contact for references. The auditions will be in May for the selected applicants (the exact date will be communicated later on).

For all questions about your application, please ask fges.recrutement@univ-catholille.fr by including the position reference MANGT2019-03.

Direction of Ressources Humaines de l’Institut Catholique de Lille - 60 Bd Vauban – BP 109 – 59016 Lille Cedex

Madame Yolande MAGRIT – Directeur des Ressources Humaines

03 59 31 50 11 carine.ledoux@univ-catholille.fr

Contact Person:Carine Ledoux (carine.ledoux@univ-catholille.fr)

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