Associate Professor or Full-time Lecturer in Microeconomics (including Applied Microeconomics)

Company:Shizuoka University

Location:Japan / Shizuoka-Ken

Discipline:Microeconomics (including Applied Microeconomics)

Employment Type:Permanent Full-time


Associate Professor or full-time Lecturer in Microeconomics (including Applied Microeconomics)

Department: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Content of job information:
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Shizuoka University seeks to hire an Associate Professor or a full-time Lecturer in Microeconomics (including Applied Microeconomics) . Candidates should be willing to be involved with college management along side their teaching and research work.

Major field: Microeconomics (including Applied Microeconomics)

Teaching Responsibilities:
Undergraduate level: Subjects in the field of  Microeconomics (lecture in Japanese), Advanced Business English (lecture in Japanese & English),  Introduction to International Japan Studies I and II, and Seminar in International Japan Studies I and II(lecture in English), Seminars for students of all grades

*General education subjects may also be required.

*The subjects of International Japan Studies are taught about contemporary industry  in Japan. For these subjects, please refer to the Faculty's website.

Graduate level: Subjects in the field of Microeconomics(lecture in Japanese)

Address of work location:
836, Ohya, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-Shi, Shizuoka-Ken, Japan

Number of Positions: One (1)

Rank: Associate Professor, or Full-Time Lecturer

Employment Status: Tenured

Starting date: April  1, 2020


  1. Only women. (Shizuoka University strives to improve the ratio of female teachers based on the basic policy of the Shizuoka University Gender Equality Charter, and based on the provisions of Article 8 of the Law on Securing Equal Opportunity and Treatment of Men and Women in the Field of Employment, etc. We carry out a public offering limited to women.)
  2. Ph.D or equivalent research achivement in a relevant field.
  3. More than two publications of research in the field of microeconomics.
  4. Ability to teach in Japanese and in English. Japanese language ability to take part in meetings and to fulfill the duties of college management conducted in Japanese is also required.
  5. Must reside in or nearby Shizuoka City once employed.
  6. Must attend an interview and give a sample class at the university if requested. (No compensation for travel expense is offered.)  If the candidate lives in a foreign country, interviews will be conducted on the Internet by means of a video conferencing system, and for a sample class, the candidate will be required to submit a recorded class scene.
  7. Japanese nationals must have at least one degree from a non-Japanese university.

Basic terms and conditions are set in accordance with the rules and regulations of Shizuoka University. The details are as follows:

  1. Salary Annual salary system. Allowances, including those for dependents, administrative, housing, commutation, extra work, overtime and late-night work will be provided in accordance with the Shizuoka University guidelines. Relocation expenses will be covered in accordance with the Shizuoka University guidelines.
  2. Working hours Basic working hours per week is 38 hours 45 minutes. A flextime system is employed.
  3. Holidays Two days a week(five-day work week) and extra holidays set by the university
  4. Paid holidays, seasonal vacation, and other official leaves
  • Twenty paid holidays per year.
  • Other kinds of leave, such as sick leave, are availavle in certain cases."

Application period: 2019/9/30 Deadline for receipt

Application materials:
Apart from item number (2), you are required to fill in and complete the application materials in Japanese.

  1. CV (refer to Form 1) *In the examination of research performance, if there is a research suspension period due to maternity leave, postpartum leave or childcare leave, applicant's declaration will take into consideration.
  2. List of publications (refer to Form 2) *Underline the title of up to five(5) of the most significant publications. *Original or copies of all the publications are required.
  3. Teaching experience to date (refer to Form 3)
  4. Statement on Research and Teaching, including the subjects in the field of Contemporary industry you can teach, in approximately 3,000~4,000 Japanese letters (refer to Form 4) Please download Form 1 ~ 4 from the Faculty's website (

Address of work location:
Administration Office, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Shizuoka University, 836, Ohya, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-Shi, Shizuoka-Ken, Japan.
Postal code : 422-8529

E-mail :

"*Application materials must be sent by registered mail. Please mark the envelop ""Microeconomics faculty application"" using red pen.
*Submitted documents will be used only for the selection process.
*To return submitted documents please enclose an envelop with your address and stamps. If the enclosed stamps are not sufficient, the documents will be returned by ""pay on delivery"".

Contact Person:If you wish to apply for this position, please specify that you saw it on AKADEUS.

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