Postdoctoral Stipend in Grassroots Financial Innovations and Social Entrepreneurship

Company:Lund University

Location:Sweden / Lund

Discipline:Grassroots Financial Innovations and Social Entrepreneurship

Employment Type:Postdoctoral Stipend


Postdoctoral Stipend in Grassroots Financial Innovations and Social Entrepreneurship

Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship at Lund University School of Economics and Management announces a three-year postdoc stipend for research on grassroots financial innovations and social entrepreneurship.

In the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008, a wealth of citizen-driven initiatives emerged to experiment with various approaches to address economic hardship and social fragmentation. From micro-credits (Barinaga, 2014; Bateman 2010), rotating credit associations (Dumes, 2006), and development vouchers (Ellerman 2009) to barter networks (Groppa 2013) or credit cooperatives (Huppi & Feder 1990), communities are developing bottom-up economic and financial alternatives to give themselves access to funding for social initiatives that are often deemed as not worth of funding (Maurer et al. 2018).

Among these grassroots financial innovations, community currencies have become particularly prominent. From Mexico (Sobrinho et al. 2017) to Spain (Hughes, 2015; Barinaga, 2019), from Argentina (Gomez 2009) to Kenya (Ruddick 2011; Ruddick et al. 2015), from Brazil (Fare et al. 2015) to Germany (Gelleri, 2009) communities across the world are experimenting with a variety of monetary designs, governance rules and technological platforms to address, bottom-up, their own social and economic challenges. In this doing, community currencies are not only suggesting novel financial and monetary infrastructures for local communities, they are also indicating a novel route for social enterprise (Bendell et al. 2015).

Empowering vulnerable communities to set up their own community currency systems leads to grassroots innovations that are attentive to local needs and priorities and that build on local ideas, knowledges, capabilities and resources. Yet, while grassroots innovations in general, and community currencies in particular, promise a more inclusive, fairer and sustainable local economy, major organizational and institutional challenges remain in the way (Smith et al. 2014):

  • Adaptation vs. Transformation: Tension between being appropriate to the existing situation that one ultimately seeks to transform.
  • Local vs. Scale: Tension between attending to local specificities whilst simultaneously seeking wide-scale diffusion.
  • Temporary vs. Permanent: Tension between working with project-based solutions to goals which root causes rest in structures of economic and political power.

The postdoc position is to shed some light onto how grassroots monetary innovations and social entrepreneurs address these tensions. More particularly, the Postdoc project is to study the institutional arrangements, practices and social norms communities develop as they manage adoption (tension number 1 above), diffusion (tension number 2) and organizational (tension number 3) challenges in complementary currencies. That is, the Postdoc project lies at the intersection of organisation studies, grassroots innovations and social entrepreneurship.

About Lund University and Sten K. Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship

Lund University is one of the largest and oldest universities in Scandinavia, founded in 1666 and repeatedly ranked among the world’s top 100 universities. The university is situated in Lund, which is an attractive old university town 10 minutes from Malmö and 40 minutes from Copenhagen.

The Department of Business Administration is one of Sweden’s leading environments for education and research within the field of business administration. We conduct advanced research in accounting, corporate finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, organization and leadership, research policy and strategic management. The department is the largest at the School of Economics and Management.

Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship (SKJCE) is an active and internationally recognized arena for high-class entrepreneurship education and research. SKJCE conducts research in areas such as entrepreneurial learning and education, academic entrepreneurship, the entrepreneurial process, new venture teams in an entrepreneurship process, immigrant entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship.

The stipend

The stipend includes SEK 350.000 per year for three years, and covers the cost of living (SEK 335.000, and insurance (SEK 15.000 SEK). The stipend-holder will be placed at Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship, Department of Business Administration, Lund University.

The candidate

Applicants should be recent PhD graduates in Organisation Studies, Business Administration, or a related area. The ability to design and conduct research independently and prior experience of international research collaboration will be the main selection criteria. The applicant should have research experience in social entrepreneurship and grassroots governance, either in the dissertation or in work conducted after the dissertation. Applicants with prior research experience on comparative studies and/or institutional conditions in different legal systems are particularly eligible.

Application procedure

The application should be written and submitted in a single pdf file to no later than February 28, 2020.

Applications should be written in English and include:

  • A personal letter with your motivation for pursuing a postdoc
  • A curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Transcript of study records (including copy of PhD degree)
  • A research plan (no more than 8 pages incl. references)
  • Copies of selected publications written by the applicant.

We welcome applicants with diverse backgrounds and experiences. We regard gender equality and diversity as strengths and assets.


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