Associate Professor in Business Administration, specialization Marketing

Company:Handelshögskolan, Umeå universitet

Location:Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics / Umeå

Discipline:Business Administration, specialization Marketing

Employment Type:Permanent Full-time


We are looking for you who have a great commitment and want to be involved in developing education and research. With us, you will teach in both Swedish and English, mainly in the business schools’ programs. Part of your working time is devoted to research and skills development in areas relevant to the position.

Work content

The work includes teaching in programs as well as courses at undergraduate and advanced level, and then mainly in marketing. You participate in development work, supervision and in joint activities within Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics. Teaching is often conducted in teams and courses are offered in both Swedish and English. The employment includes competence development up to 20% of your working time. If you have, or receive, external research funds, it is possible for you to use them for research up to 80% of the annual working time.

The employment also includes being updated about the developments in the specified area, conducting own research and actively participating in working groups and committees. We value commitment, participation, and responsibility. You spend your working time in Umeå at the business administration unit and at the marketing section. The marketing section has a broad portfolio of research projects, including various theoretical perspectives, methods and empirical orientations. Within the section, there is a prominent focus on sustainability, which includes sustainable consumer behavior and transport, corporate branding and sustainable organization, sustainable consumption and circular economy, and sustainable consumption and retail. Teaching takes place in both English and Swedish and includes courses in marketing, consumer behavior, market analysis, decision-making, etc., as well as supervision of students at the bachelor's, master's and master's level.

Eligibility requirements

According to Chapter 4, Section 4 of the Higher Education Ordinance, a person shall qualify for appointment as Associate Professor if he or she has demonstrated educational expertise and holds a doctorate/PhD-or has attained equivalent academic competence or other professional skills relevant with regards to the subject area of the appointment. The subject area for this position is Business Administration, with a specialization in marketing. We are looking for someone with a doctoral degree in Business Administration or equivalent scientific competence.

Assessment criteria

General basis for assessment for teachers at Umeå University is both good collaboration skills, as well as the competence and suitability in general that is needed to fulfill the tasks well. When balancing the assessment criteria, equal emphasis is placed on scientific and pedagogical skills. Other important professional skills as well as skills in developing and leading the organization are also given importance.

The assessment criteria are weighted according to the ranking below, with the exception that equal emphasis must be placed on teaching and research in assessment.

  1. Scientific skills refer to the subject of business administration with a focus on marketing. The degree of scientific proficiency is primarily assessed on the basis of scientific work published in international, peer-reviewed scientific journals in the field. The assessment of scientific competence must take special account of publications and research activities during the past five years in accordance with the School's quality system. This means, among other things, that the applicant must be able to demonstrate qualitatively strong publications in international journals and the ability to apply for and obtain external funding. In assessing publications, the Department of Business Administration adheres to current quality lists from Web of Science (WoS), Acadmic Journal Guide (AJG, formerly ABS) and ABDC. For book chapters, the so-called Norwegian list is applied.
  2. Pedagogical skills refer to the ability and experience of teaching in business administration with a focus on marketing. Demonstrated teaching skills at the undergraduate and advanced level, supervision, and documented experience of pedagogical development work are particularly meritorious. University pedagogical education, experience of teaching at doctoral level and supervision of doctoral students are meritorious as well as documented ability to teach in both Swedish and English.
  3. Administrative skills are meritorious and refer partly to the ability to independently organize educational activities, as well as the ability to lead development and quality work in undergraduate education, postgraduate education, and research in the subject area for the position.
  4. When assessing other skills, great emphasis will be placed on personal suitability, which includes an outward-looking and flexible way of working, easy to take own initiatives and the ability to work independently. The work also requires a good ability to collaborate with business and society.

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More about USBE

As an internationally respected, nationally influential, and regionally rooted part of Umeå University, Umeå School of Business, Economics, and Statistics (USBE) contributes to societal development through education and research of a high international standard.

Through interplay with surrounding society, we provide education and research that contributes to the understanding, ability, and responsibility of individuals in relation to societal challenges and the importance of sustainable development.

In collaboration with our surrounding society, we provide education and research that contributes to individuals' understanding, ability, and responsibility in relation to societal challenges and the importance of sustainable development. We are AACSB-accredited, and sustainability certified according to the environmental management standard ISO14001.

The Department of Business Administration, the Department of Economics, the Department of Statistics and the USBE office form USBE, with about 140 employees. About 3300 students follow our courses and programs every year and we offer education from the undergraduate to the doctoral program level in all of our main disciplines – Business Administration, Economics, and Statistics.

The Department of Business Administration has about 60 members of staff. We pursue research within four sections Entrepreneurship, Management, Marketing and Accounting/Finance. At the business administration department there is a pronounced focus on business ethics and sustainability (

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