Assistant Professor in Auditing

Company:Ghent University

Location:Belgium / Ghent


Employment Type:Full-time / part-time


Full-time position as assistant professor in Auditing within the department of Accounting, Corporate Finance & Taxation


Ghent University is one of the most important education and research institutions in the Low Countries. On a daily basis, over 9,000 staff members and 41,000 students implement its motto "Dare to Think". Ghent University's mission statement is characterised by qualitative education, internationally renowned research and a pluralistic social responsibility.


The faculty of Economics and Business Administration offers a fulltime position as assistant professor within the department of Accounting, Corporate Finance and Taxation.

Academic education

You lecture various course units in the domain of Audit and related disciplines. You guide Master students with their Master’s dissertation.

Academic Research

You conduct research in the discipline of Audit. You guide Ph.D. students with their doctoral research.

Academic services

You take part in the internal and external service provision of the department of Accounting, Corporate Finance & Taxation.



  • You have already conducted eminent academic research in the given discipline, which is clearly reflected in publications in high-quality academic journals and peer-reviewed books;
  • You are capable of initiating, supervising and acquiring the necessary funding for academic research;
  • You are didactically skilled to teach university students to develop academic competences;
  • You have already built a broad network of academics as well as professionals in the domain of audit, or you are willing to build a network.
  • Recommended are:
  1. International mobility, among other things thanks to research stays at institutions external to the one where you acquired your highest academic degree;
  2. Positively evaluated experience in provided or organised academic lecturing;
  3. Professionalisation of education.

Skills / Attitude

  • You are quality-oriented;
  • You take initiative;
  • You can cooperate smoothly with your peers, and with the other groups (teaching assistants, Ph.D. students, scientific staff and administrative & technical staff) within the department and faculty.
  • You have good communication skills.

Admission requirements

  • You hold a thesis-based doctorate or a diploma or certificate that is recognised as equivalent (article V.20 Codex Higher Education).
    Upon evaluation of a foreign (non-EU) diploma, a certificate of equivalence may still have to be requested at NARIC. If this is the case, we advise you to initiate this recognition procedure as soon as possible. You are required to have the recognition no later than on the date of your appointment.
  • You have at least two years of postdoctoral experience on 1 september 2022. This term of two years is determined by the date written on the above-mentioned required diploma.


Depending on the specific profile of the selected candidate, the degree of assistant professor (tenure track), associate professor, full professor or senior full professor is awarded. This will be decided by the University Board as proposed by the Faculty Board.

(In the case of assistant professor TT ≥50% or full-time)

  • We offer you a temporary appointment in a tenure track system for a term of five years. If positively evaluated by the University Board, the term of office will be transferred into a permanent appointment as an associate professor.
  • Should you already be a member of the professorial staff or hold an equal post at another university or research institution, you can immediately be appointed as an assistant professor, without prejudice to the possibility of a temporary appointment offered in article V.28 of the Codex of Higher Education.

(In the case of associate professor, full professor or senior full professor)

  • We offer you a permanent appointment in the starting grade of associate professor, full professor or senior full professor, without prejudice to the possibility of a temporary appointment offered in article V.28 of the Codex of Higher Education.

(part-time posts)

  • IN THE CASE OF (<50%) We offer you an appointment with renewable duration for a maximum of 6 years.
  • IN THE CASE OF (≥50%) (A part-time function ( ≥50%) in the degree of associate professor, full professor or senior full professor) gives rise to an appointment without prejudice to the possibility of a temporary appointment offered in article V.28 of the Codex of Higher Education.

Pay attention: A part-time assignment of a certain degree of the professorial staff cannot be combined with a part-time assignment of a different degree of the professorial staff within the same institution.

The recruitment is possible no sooner than 1 september 2022.


The career and evaluation policy for Professorial Staff is based on talent development and growth, prioritizing vision development and strategy - at the personal as well as the group level. At UGent we focus on career support and coaching of the Professorial Staff in the different phases of the career. More information can be found on

Ghent University is committed to properly welcoming new professorial staff members and offering them appropriate guidance. The basic teacher training and courses of 'Dutch' and 'English' for foreign-speaking lecturers are only a few examples of our wide range of training and education opportunities. Furthermore, each Ghent University staff member can count on a number of benefits such as a bike allowance, reimbursement of public transport commuting costs, daycare, a wide range of sports facilities and EcoCheques. A complete overview of all our employee benefits (in Dutch).

Ghent University also invests in welcoming international professorial staff. It offers various housing options, a relocation bonus, the International School for school-aged children (with a discount on the tuition fee), support when registering at the City of Ghent, support with the procedure of family reunification and other administrative matters in connection with moving to Ghent. More information can be found on

Candidates who are newly appointed at Ghent University with an appointment as autonomous academic staff of at least 50% or candidates whose appointment as autonomous academic staff at Ghent University is increased to a minimum of 50% receive a Starting Grant of € 210.000 to contribute towards the personnel, operating and/or equipment costs of establishing a research team.


Ghent University conducts an equal opportunities policy and encourages everyone to apply. Ghent University also strives for a gender balance. Female applications are thus especially welcomed.


After the final application date, all received applications will be sent to the faculty assessment committee assembled for this vacancy. This committee will first evaluate the application files. Therefore it will match all elements of the file against the required expertise for the position in terms of education, research and scientific service. Based on this deliberation, relevant candidates will be shortlisted to be invited for further selection (interview, possible presentation or test lecture …). Afterwards, the committee will rank the suitable candidates and present this ranking to the Faculty Board. The advice of the Faculty Board will then be presented to the University Board for approval.

Candidates are asked to further discuss their top 5 most important publications or other academic achievements with the highest impact. Next to academic publications, the candidate is thus also able to show merit of knowledge transfer by academic dissemination, social valorisation, public awareness, seminars or conference presentations. These competences are also taken into account when evaluating the candidates.

The evaluation of the required international mobility is broad and partly takes the gender perspective into account, thus not only considering longer stays abroad by also other forms of internationalisation.

Pregnancy leave, prolonged sick leave, parental leave, filial leave or other forms of absence are taken into account when evaluating the available time for the realisation of academic output.


Apply online through the e-recruitment system before the application deadline (see above). We do not accept late applications or applications that are not sent through the online system.
The official publication of this position is expected around December 22nd, 2021.

Your application must include the following documents:

  • In the field ‘Application form’: the professorial staff application form (+ all annexes mentioned in the form), merged into one pdf file.
  • In the field ‘Cover letter’: your application letter in pdf format
  • In the field ‘Diploma’: a transcript of your doctoral degree. If you have a foreign diploma in a language other than our national languages (Dutch, French or German) or English, please add a translation in one of the mentioned languages.
  • In the field ‘Certificate of equivalence’: only for diplomas awarded outside the European Union: certificate of equivalence (NARIC) (if already in you possession). For diplomas awarded in the UK before January 31st of 2020, a certificate of equivalence is not required.

Note that the maximum file size for each field is 10 MB.


For further information regarding this vacancy, please contact Professor Bertel De Groote (, +32 (0)9 264 3508) at the faculty of Economics and Business Administration, department of Accounting, Corporate Finance & Taxation.

Full-time position as assistant professor in Auditing within the department of Accounting, Corporate Finance & Taxation

Ghent is situated in the heart of the dynamic Flanders region, within 1 hour of Brussels, the heart and hub of Europe. Amsterdam, Paris and London can be reached within 3-4 hours. Ghent is a town with an exciting history combined with a dynamic present and innovative future. 76 000 college and university students and 260 000 inhabitants make it an energetic town on a humane scale, offering a high quality of life.

Ghent University is one of the leading universities in Belgium, with a top 100 position in the global academic rankings (Academic Ranking of World Universities 2020 (aka Shanghai ranking): 66; Times Higher Education Raking 2021: 96). We invest in welcoming international professorial staff (housing options, relocation bonus, International School for school-aged children, administrative support etc.).

The department of Accounting, Corporate Finance and Taxation offers a position as assistant professor in Auditing in a 5 year tenure system, that upon a positive evaluation, will be transferred into a permanent appointment as an associate professor.

In 2019, Ghent University opted for a new policy in staff evaluation and career guidance. The University wants to stress one’s specific individual talents. Diversity and personal growth prevail over a purely quantitative output-driven career path.

The colleague we look for will therefore be a team-player, investing in his or her personal and the departmental growth.

Applicants have a genuine research interest. They evidence so by an appropriate history of or the potential for regular publications in refereed journals and conference participation. They fit their activities in an innovative research agenda in the area of auditing.

You have at least 2 years of postdoctoral experience on 1.09.2022 (starting date of the position). You can communicate fluently in English, both in written and oral form.

You will receive a € 210 000 starting grant that can be used for hiring a Ph.D. student.

Your activities in research and teaching will be closely linked to the Bachelor and Master programmes of Business Economics & Business Engineering.

You will have a considerable degree of academic freedom in establishing your Audit research domain, and setting up collaborations within the department, the faculty and beyond. You can make other national and international universities and stakeholders in the professional field to privileged partners. In organizing your courses and developing research activities for instance, you can cooperate with the Belgian Institute of Registered Auditors and/or with the international Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA).

The broad field of Audit allow you to focus your research on topics on internal audit, performance audit or financial audit and suchlike disciplines.

Hence, candidates will be expected to demonstrate an ability to interact effectively with members of the business and research community.

You will be supported by your colleagues within the department (15 full-time junior and senior professors), and you will receive guidance from a senior academic staff member during one year.

Some 40 Ph.D. students, scientific staff, lecturers and administrative staff members guarantee a dynamic and creative atmosphere within the department.

The official publication of this vacancy is to be expected around December 22nd, 2021. Check the jobs page on the website of Ghent University:

For further information, please contact

Bertel De Groote
Head of Department
Ghent University
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Contact Person:If you wish to apply for this position, please specify that you saw it on AKADEUS.

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