Assistant Professor in Business Anthropology on the Technological Transformation of Consumption and Markets

Company:Università della Svizzera italiana

Location:Switzerland / Lugano

Discipline:Business Anthropology on the Technological Transformation of Consumption and Markets

Employment Type:Permanent Full-time


Assistant Professor  in Business Anthropology on the Technological Transformation of Consumption and Markets (Tenure Track)

Candidate Profile

The successful candidate has demonstrated research excellence in anthropology-informed studies of the technological transformation of markets, marketing practices, and consumer cultures. She/he has an active research agenda that deals with current and emerging transformations of technology in both their digital and material dimensions, and how they alter the relationships between marketing practice, consumption, and society, including, but not limited to, topics such as algorithmic control, artificial intelligence, automation, datafication, platform economics, and robotics.  We prefer a profile which shares the cultural and qualitative/ethnographic focus of the Institute. We expect the successful candidate to challenge hitherto held assumptions and explanations of "digital marketing and the technoscape", critically reflecting on issues such as the tensions between technologies and the "human", dematerialisation and hybridisation, ideologisation of technologies, and datafication in its ontological, epistemological, and methodological implications. We are also interested in questions of social and ecological sustainability related to technological transformation, such as digital vulnerabilities or digital ownership. The ideal candidate should satisfy the following requirements:

  • a PhD in Business Anthropology, Cultural Marketing, Consumer Culture Theory, or related disciplines. Interdisciplinary backgrounds are particularly appreciated;
  • research excellence reflected in a promising track record and a high-quality pipeline in internationally well recognized marketing journals;
  • some successful teaching experience and an interest for teaching and tutoring students;
  • excellent command of English, both written and spoken. Knowledge of the Italian language is not required initially, but is required within three years of taking up the post;
  • availability to promote “good citizenship” in the Institute and the Faculty by providing service to the University and to the profession. Readiness to collaborate with colleagues (engage in scientific dialogue, listen, and think critically) is required.

Job Description

This post offers the opportunity and resources for a young scholar of excellence to become an important member of a vibrant research group and be involved in the Institute’s research and teaching programmes.  The successful candidate will be expected to:

  • promote research internationally and locally in her/his field of competence, secure competitive research funding, co-ordinate assistants’ activities, and act in an advisory capacity for PhD candidates. Switzerland provides the opportunity of accessing relevant research funds provided by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and similar institutions;
  • teach and run courses at all levels (Bachelor, Master, PhD) on marketing and the technological transformation of marketing and business-related communication (e.g. Advertising and Consumer Representations, Business Markets, Customer Experience, Digital Corporate Communication, Service Design Marketing). Teaching load equals 12 ECTS per year on an Assistant Professor level and 18 ECTS from an Associate level onwards;
  • take part in the Faculty organization (Faculty Board, Professors' Board, committees and other related tasks).
  • contribute to the development of the USI Library in her/his field of competence.

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